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New Jersey

8/10/07 10:56 am - a_grey_matter - I heard you like 'em.

6/27/07 05:34 pm - partyscene


6/20/07 12:59 pm - hemp_ster

i want to feed ducks.

is there any park in, or around wayne, where i would be able to sit at a quiet park to feed ducks?

i'm having a total brain-fart on where to go. i'm looking for any suggestions other than packanack lake because i know they disapprove of feeding animals there.

6/14/07 10:42 am - nochoicetoday

so uhhh.... can someone tell me the ACTUAL story? i've heard seventeen different versions of it now.

6/13/07 08:52 pm - blueimpulse


Wayne Hills:
"Rape": 1 pt

Wayne Valley:
Actual Explosives: 20 pts

you kids are messed up.

1/15/07 11:16 pm - kelseysthoughts - This was just on the news...

Plane Crash on Nellis Drive Wayne, NJ

12/3/06 11:49 pm - gurut - Job Offer...

If anyone is looking for a part time job in the Wayne area, please get in touch with me. Here are a few details...

- Located in Wayne
- Cashiering only
- $8/hr + tips
- Flexible hours

The only reason i'm leaving this job is to help out a friend of the family with his buisness. Fun work environment, decent pay.

Let me know!

9/1/06 02:51 am - drugs_arent_bad - im back!

Hey guys, I'm back in action:

So, I just got out of the slammer on the 25th after taking a long hiatus from my drug escapades. Back in October I had decided to turn myself in to the man. I decided to take a bottle of robitussin cough syrup from a local grocery store, pour it all over the manager, and run the fuck out of there like a bat out of hell all while under the influence of acid, but it wasn't the drugs which made me do that. See, I really had no money after a deal had gone bad, and I was in desperate need of a place to live, sleep, and eat for free. And what place better fulfills those needs of mine other than jail, right? Of course! So I got arrested, met a really cool man named Herb, and he made my ass feel really great, but thats not the best part. I got my own fucking TOILET!!!! you should have seen me, i was as loose as a fucking goose after herb finished with me, ill tell you, i was shitting all over the fucking place. I swear, that place is my home away from home and ill never forget it.

But it feels so nice to just come home and relax with a nice warm blunt with my feet propped up on the coffee table. I feel like a real man, yeah, only real men use drugs, you know it.

Anyway, I noticed that noone has really been posting in this community lately, what, has wayne gone to shit? arent there ANY MORE cool drug experience stories?! You guys are all assholes.
Comment if you have a good one...

5/30/06 07:35 pm - cuckin_frazy

im selling tickets for squirrelfest

www.squirrelfest.com <-- if you dont know what is it.

but basically its going to be the biggest local show to ever happen. its on june 16th at the elks lodge in oakland.
the line-up is on the website. but over 30 bands are playing.

i desperately need to sell tickets so if you're interested comment, and we'll work something out.

doors open at 3:30... which works out, because thats the 1st or 2nd day of midterms, and we all have a half day so you dont have to rush to get there.

its $15 a ticket, and basically pretty worth it.

so please please please, if you're interested comment or you can im me: dubnoff1o7


3/16/06 02:59 pm - cuckin_frazy

does anyone know of any places in/around wayne that are hiring?

i need a job badly.
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